How crypto reveals the absurdity of everything.

By Kerry Howley

Source: Forbes

“Arguing that you don’t care about privacy because you having to hide is like saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.” — Edward Snowden

Note: I published an early, less fleshed post on similar themes here. But I’ve added enough new content to warrant a separate post.

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Early 90s Wired Cover Depicting the Cypherpunks who laid the groundwork for Bitcoin.


Not All Encryption is Created Equal

Source: Wickr

Source: The Call of the Wild (Book by Jack London and recent film with Harrison Ford)

A clamor arises, gasping for air.

A fledging murmur, pleading and bare.

The world awaits, alive and free.

Calling as greeting, It’s bleating at me.

Where from it comes, I do not know.

For a spirited seed it is, heavenly sown.

The call of the wild, Jack London’s phrase.

For man just as beast, refined though it pray.

What is out there for me, but dust and pain.

A fool I leave, this world we made.

In the overgrowth, I breath in new life.

For every being, is supple and ripe.

The luxuries call, from life sublime.

I at times…

Dean Patrick

Stanford B.A. Economics. Former Hedge Fund Manager. Author: God Money (book in progress). Follow me:

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