How crypto reveals the absurdity of everything.

Note: I published an early, less fleshed post on similar themes here. But I’ve added enough new content to warrant a separate post.

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Early 90s Wired Cover Depicting the Cypherpunks who laid the groundwork for Bitcoin.

Source: The Call of the Wild (Book by Jack London and recent film with Harrison Ford)

A clamor arises, gasping for air.

A fledging murmur, pleading and bare.

The world awaits, alive and free.

Calling as greeting, It’s bleating at me.

Where from it comes, I do not know.

For a spirited seed it is, heavenly sown.

The call of the wild, Jack London’s phrase.


Dean Patrick

Stanford B.A. Economics. Former Hedge Fund Manager. Author: God Money (book in progress). Follow me:

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